Saturday 29 July 2017

Luxembourgfun mod for Heart of Iron 4

In here I present you my submod for Heart of Iron 4 'Luxembourgfun'. You can download it in here

My idea for this submod is based on my alternate history series called 'What if Beligum failed'.  Feel free to watch it. If you have ideas and suggestions, feel free to comment them. 

Sunday 8 January 2017

My new schedule

I present you my schedule for this wonderful year 2017.
Firstly, I am happy to announce you that ALL my map series WILL CONTINUE! After so long, I will continue them yes, as there was a huge demand and also because you as my subscribers deserve to see my main series to be done in a propper way.
Secondly, Map Monday will now only be every second week, but Scenario Saturday will always appear every Saturday. As such I decided to focus my attention to something new, which brings me to the THIRD POINT, I will introduce Wank Wednesday. Once per month I will take any random country and discuss the biggest possible expansion in my pov.

Moreover I will sometimes make spontanous videos, but that's it for now and I hope you guys will enjoy it.