Tuesday 30 June 2015

Future of Europe

In this video I will briefly show what the future of Europe or at least some countries could look like. This video will cover many independentist movements, unionist idas and irredentist ideologies that exist today. Enjoy this video :)

Tuesday 16 June 2015

What if Rome never fell?

A very popular topic, not only among fiction writers, but also scholars and professors debate about it. This video is not part of a series, it is a presentation about my own point of view, of how Rome fell in the first place, what should be changed and what could be the consequences of a surviving Rome. Watch, subscribe and take part of the discussion!

What if the Central Powers won World War 1?

World War One was recently very much discussed, especially last year, where the outbreak was commemorated. In this series Germany and her allies win this war, rather unsuprisingly, as Russia is weak, due to intern problems, United Kingdom and France are all alone facing the German superpower and the US elite are against an entry of war and support a German-dominated Europe, for economical reasons. Shortly after the Great War, Austria-Hungary faces a collapse and fascism rises in places like France and the United Kingdom. What happens next?

What if the Soviet Union won the Cold War?

A very classic series! The third one is about a different Cold War and how the USSR could have won against the USA. Before showing the timeline after 1990, the series start with other key points, such as no Sino-Soviet split or a successful communist uprising in Persia. The series is divided into 7 videos, with 3 possible endings. See for yourself how our world could be much different!

What if Germany won World War 2?

My second, and by far, most popular series. Here I show through maps and some points, how Germany or the Axis, could have 'won' World War 2. I say 'won' because a total domination would be by far impossible. A stalemate between several powers and the apparition of several blocs seem more likely. Find out what a world like this would look like.

What if Belgium failed?

Enjoy one of my first alternate history series. It is divided into 11 parts, making it my longest series and you can also find an alternate ending to it.To make things short, this video is about Belgium, who as state fails and ceases to exist and all the speculative consequences that derive from that. Don't take it to seriously!

Who I am

I am Dany a youtuber from Luxembourg, whose main interest lies in alternate history. My youtube channel is Althistory Luxembourg. I am currently 22 years old and study, obviously, history at university here in Luxembourg. I live in the capital city in a wealthy suburb. My origins are Polish-Portuguese and I speak Luxembourgish, German, French, English, Polish, Italian, some Czech and a little Latin. My girlfriend is Peruvian and she studied archaeology, which is close to history. My other interests besides alternate history are history itself, reading, politics, computer games, travelling, etc :) Have a nice day.